Self Publishing SILENTIS


I had a vision. It held hands with damn good reason. They married and shortly after, Reason filed for divorce. Vision left quietly, seeing things in a different light…as is often the case with visionaries. Every now and again, Vision and Reason bump into each other on the street of hopes and dreams. They smile, maybe even reflect a moment, and then they walk on by.

And it’s a good day for both of them.


Someone once said that the editing process is never done—that you’ll always find something to fix, tweak, or change. I’m going to agree with whodawoozit. Every time I read through SILENTIS, I’ll spot something to add, change, or rearrange. At some point, I’m going to have to make peace with it and let it live and breathe on its own. There’s a saying: piss or get off the pot. It’s time to publish this puppy.


Got my Library of Congress Control Number! It’s so beautiful. Now I gotta update and re-upload.


The final (←dammit, I mean it this time) proof is on its way.


The final proof is here…I guess I’ll go proof it now!20160125_151513-1


Okay, I proofed it. Other than a comma who should be a period, I could find no other reason for further procrastination. *Sigh* After the majority of the day went by—with me convincing myself that I was working on very important crap—I proceeded to level three in Click-Me-To-Publish-You-Nervous-Ninny-Dom.

So, I did. Nothing weird happened. In fact, it was rather uneventful…as I have to have to wait up to seventy-two hours for the green-light from the ALMIGHTY APPROVAL givers!



baceFook makes me want to light my hair on fire!