GAMMA. The series, Book One.

My coup de grâce, my beginning and my end – like Alpha and Omega – this is where it began and where it will loop back: to the Seat of Silentis. It has been my hidden obsession for several years, and soon the citadel walls will fall and I can share this infatuation with others.

I’m on the cusp now…  my final edits of GAMMA are nearing completion. It’s been a long road, as I chose the one that diverged, and it has been a bumpy path, but-

-More leaves are trodden black now, and yes…

…it makes all the difference.


A Tale . . .

Remember the good old days, when you could just write whatever you felt—(loved) whatever fell past your fingertips—and it was great because technicalities didn’t matter?

There was no stress because the right way to write sat in the back seat of unknown unimportance, and only the colors and patterns of imagination mattered.

I miss those ‘ignorant’ days. They were, without a doubt, the best of times . . . even if they were the worst.

New World Wiggins Dictionary

Insecurities (Pronounced: ī suk īt’ iss) A common ailment that afflicts human beings who care what people think. Among writers, it really sucks; causing them to doubt everything they thought they knew as factual as being refutable on every level of intellect that is bigger, wiser, and better than they will ever aspire to be in any reality and/or universe—ever.
(*This anecdotal definition’s antidote? Hard work and perseverance, sprinkled with a good source of trusty reassurance.*)